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Meet the Petersens

Hi! We are the Petersen Family- Jordan, Sydney, Masyn + Izabelle. In May 2019, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Izzy, who was unexpectedly born with Pierre Robin Sequence, or PRS for short. This meant an extended NICU stay at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. While in the NICU, Izzy was only able to be swaddled in generic hospital blankets making room for her tubes and wires. As, silly as it sounds, we so badly wanted to have something special to make it feel like a “typical newborn” experience. It is such a big milestone in the NICU to be able to dress your baby, something we waited four weeks for! You better believe she was decked out in all the ruffles, bows and all things girly from that point forward!

Shortly after Izzy was born, we began discussing how we could give back to the NICU and NICU families which is when the Love, Izzy Project was born. As a part of the Love, Izzy Project when you purchase a swaddle blanket, we will donate a swaddle to the Blank Children's NICU Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. We are hoping this program will help parents gain stronger connection with their baby while in the NICU and allow for a more personal experience like the would have at home. Our swaddle donation idea evolved over time to an infant and toddler clothing store and in November 2019, we launched BIZZY IZZY's Boutique along with the Love, Izzy Project.

Our first-year goal is to donate 1,000 swaddles to ensure every baby that is admitted to the NICU will receive one of our swaddles to bring comfort and hope and make their stay just a little bit easier. We would love your help to meet this goal!

The Petersens

-Sydney, Jordan, Masyn + Izabelle