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Do you know a super mom that had a baby in the NICU, or gave birth to a rainbow baby? As a society, it is common for us to become completely wrapped up in the excitement of a newborn, that we pass by the mother’s story and postpartum feelings. At Bizzy Izzy’s, we want to hear the mother’s story, the good, the difficult and those memorable life changing moments. We are hopeful that this project will encourage NICU Moms and rainbow Moms to begin sharing their story and encourage others to do the same. Nominate a Mom and share their story with us and tell us why we should feature them on our website and social media.

Each month we will choose a super Mom to receive a Love, Izzy Project Swaddle and a Bizzy Izzy's Gift Card. (Are you a NICU Mom or rainbow Mom? Please nominate yourself, we want to hear your story too.)

Please include the following information:

Your Name, Mother and child’s name, age of child, location (Currently, only accepting applications in the USA and Canada), email address for yourself, and also the mom, and all social media handles for the nominated mother. Nominations should occur within two years of the child’s birth.

Thank you for applying and for recognizing the importance of sharing their story.

Apply via form (or via email at

Nom Mom of the Month

  • March: Nom Mom: Amber Kernodle + Kinsley
    March: Nom Mom: Amber Kernodle + Kinsley
    Nominate a Mom|March
    Meet Bizzy Izzy's "Nom Mom" of the Month: Amber and her sweet daughter, Kinsley from Lebanon, Indiana.   (Click the photo to read the full...
  • February Nom Mom of the Month: Emily Greene
    February Nom Mom of the Month: Emily Greene

    (Click the photo to read full story) 

    My name is Emily Greene, and I am a mom to fifteen-month old Mary Addison! Mary Addison is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed wild child who has beaten all odds after being born eight weeks premature! Mary Addison survived four weeks in the NICU after bi...